Today we’re joined by Ben Sisson, who has recently launched a new SEO agency in Southampton. In this quick interview you can find a little but more about him and his new company. 

Ben, can you introduce yourself?

Sure thing, I’ve been in digital and creative marketing for around 15 years. In that time I’ve worked for a range of companies, more recently an American company called Garmin. You may have heard of them due to their popular GPS products and wearable’s. During my time there I was involved in many web and ecommerce projects and contributed directly towards an increase in online sales and revenue.

How did you get into Search Engine Optimisation?

I’ve always been fascinated with content marketing and affiliate marketing especially. I started developing my own websites and monetising them through various affiliate schemes. This taught me a great a deal about ranking websites in search engines and the endless possibilities of making money online.

How do you stay up to date in an ever-changing industry?

I’m mainly a self-taught SEO and find the best way of learning and keeping up to date with the constant changing algorithms of Google is through testing. Ranking organically can take time but when you succeed you can really reap the rewards. That and reading about SEO constantly, in fact, its fair to say it’s taken over my life (in a good way).

What makes Targeted SEO different to other digital agencies in Southampton and Hampshire?

Well, there are so many digital agencies around it can be hard to stand out from the pack. This is why we’re really ‘niching’ down and only specialising in one market. We hope to become the go-to marketing agency for roofers and contractors. We believe this will make us more attractive to new clients.

Which trades are you focusing on in particular?

We’re really offering our services to larger companies such as commercial roofers or property maintenance businesses. I frequently see roofing businesses spending money on PPC and sending clicks to an out-dated, non-responsive website. This is where we come in. We build mobile friendly websites and landing pages which are designed not to be a pretty brochure for a side of a van, but actually convert visitors into leads and more phone calls for our clients.

What services in particular does Targeted SEO offer?

We specialise in local SEO and ranking businesses in the Google map pack. We’ve actually already had some great results with our own agency website and can apply the same ranking methods to our clients. It is vital businesses appear in the top 3 of the local map pack so they get the lion’s share of the calls and ultimately make more money.

How do you attract clients?

Currently, we’re creating a free website SEO video audit for any potential clients. We find this is the best way of explaining SEO and taking them through the current health of their website. We can offer solutions and advice on how to get more targeted customers and calls to their business.

Can you offer any advice to anyone starting out?

Keep at it! SEO is extremely competitive and many business owners are bombarded by SEO’s every day. Try and make yourself unique in the industry and only market to a particular sector. This will help you stand out from the masses.

If you would like to find out more about Targeted SEO, you can search for ‘SEO agency Southampton’ and you’ll currently find us ranking in the Google map pack.

Thanks to Expert SEO for the interview today and good luck to your agency for the future!