Inferno Media, the social media partner for Expert SEO Bournemouth, are excited to launch their new social media agency in Shoreditch, London. The well established social media company, that began with offices in the Bournemouth area, is now offering a number of powerful services to clients in the London area.

These services range from social media channel management and network building to campaign launch and photography/videography for social channels. These social media services are offered to a numerous selection of industries, including hospitality, construction, retail, estate agency and many more. To find out more about them please visit their website if you need a social media agency in London and Bournemouth, Dorset.

Inferno Media - Social Media Agency in London and BournemouthThe dynamic team of social media experts at Inferno Media have grown up in the digital era, meaning they know how to create powerful connections between brands and consumers through the use of cutting-edge tools and effective online processes. They are also written word specialists; they know how to create engaging copy that keeps a social media user hooked.

With this extensive experience, Inferno Media of Bournemouth can build and grow social media accounts for their London clients across various platforms. These platforms include but are not exclusive to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+.

Inferno Media’s social media services can be directly tailored to your London business’ target market, for example if you are targeting local business owners between the ages of 20-45 in the South London area. Yet their skills and social media software programmes are not bound by location, meaning that your products or services can travel across a worldwide scale.

Through the understanding of geographical markets, Inferno Media can create a mass movement forward in your London brand’s visibility – having the skills, expertise and online insights to create a social media boom for your London business.

With their experience in social media marketing, and the production of visibly successful, engaging client posts, the experts at Inferno Media are sure to make your London business’ social media presence boom – the right choice in London social media agencies.

If you are looking for a social media saviour in the Shoreditch, London area, request a call back from one of Inferno Media’s social media experts on 0203 823 6770.

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