Kevin Wiles is an online marketing executive working for a media agency called tmwi and also works freelance helping small companies across the West Midlands increase exposure and sales through the power of SEO.  This is the 6th part of our SEO consultant interviews – if you would like to be considered for interview and work in SEO then please get in touch.

Hi Kevin, thanks for agreeing to take part in our SEO consultant interview series.  As way of introduction can you tell our readers a little bit of background about you and how you ended up working in the World of SEO?

Kevin Wiles SEO Consultant

Kevin Wiles – SEO Consultant from the West Midlands

I started out in SEO by pure chance to be honest; I started in web design before falling into SEO although it was a lot easier to do back in those days. I soon found a passion for it and began to learn more online before hassling small companies to give me a break. Shortly after I had some good results and learnt a fair chunk which took me onto tmwi who I now work for.

I’ve always ran as a side line project to help me keep my knowledge and help me continue to learn further, it’s only really over the last 12 months this side has started to take off and allow me to grow and develop my skills further.

I noticed that you offer SEO training for people in and around the Coventry and Warwickshire areas.  I’ve not seen many SEO consultants take this kind of approach – do you find that this kind of service leads to good client opportunities?

It really depends on the business and how much they would like to understand about what it is and how involving it can be. I still find today people think SEO is a quick fix and can be done within weeks and you can gain #1 rankings within 4-6 weeks which sure if the keyword is long enough you can but many people still fail to see the cost of doing SEO which is what I try and educate people on.

You were recently short-listed for the 2014 European Search Awards in the Young Search Professional category.  Could you tell us how that came about, and what that entailed?  Also, has it had any form of impact on your SEO career since the prestigious accolade?

I’m not sure I have seen any benefit as yet to be honest but it came out from myself working at tmwi, I also worked under a pretty decent boss (Gary Taylor) who has helped me massively over the last 12 months not only learn more about SEO but digital as a whole and how all channels can worth together more.

We’d done some good work leading up to Christmas which I myself was particularly proud about which led to Gary nominating me for the award.

As part of your SEO website you offer a Link Detox service, helping client’s to get their website out of an algorithmic or manual Google penalty.  I imagine you get quite a few enquiries about this currently since the last Google updates rolled out over the last 12 months or so.  Can you share any parts of your process for over-turning a Google penalty?

The major part to this is actually getting clients to understand why they have had a penalty, from here it’s a case of doing some manual and some automated checks and cleaning up any links which simply aren’t relevant and have no value to the end customer.

Sure it can take some time but I have a range of tools which I work with to help me clean up links but I genuinely think the best tool is always going to be your eye and knowing when to spot a dodgy link.

For someone starting out in SEO, would there be a particular piece of advice that you would give them to help to get them started?  Whether it’s regarding “client-getting”, or how to keep their motivation to succeed in the industry.

I’d say always read some of the stuff on Moz and also get to events like BrightonSEO which is free to attend these sort of things can be so valuable alongside this I would also recommend starting your own site and just learning all the basics including all of the Google/Bing products.

The main issue is there is so much smoke and mirror in this industry sometimes it can be very hard to know what is true. It’s all about testing seeing what works and then developing that prospect further.

What’s been the most satisfying SEO project that you’ve completed during your career – whether based upon results, the campaign, or just personal satisfaction?  Up to you, tell us some more about an interesting project if you can.

I’d say all the projects I work on give me some happiness in a strange way, each client has a different goal which can be a challenge to work to but equally can be greatly satisfying when you do achieve that goal. I’d also say working on a major client of mine and getting a penalty revoked and increasing traffic 115% was a huge moment for me.

Finally do you have any projects, websites, or anything really that you’d like to promote or tell our readers about? (these could be additional social channels if you like).

I’d just really like to promote my own blog 🙂 and I guess also allow people to connect with me on Twitter if they have any more questions. I love networking so it’s always nice to have in depth chats about something you’re so passionate about.