Are You No Longer Ranking Number 1 in Google Due to Map Result Changes?

Changes to Google rankings results due to new local map business changesYou might have noticed some changes in Google over the last couple of weeks when it comes to local search results. In the SEO industry we are referring to these changes as the “Snack Pack”.

Whereas before local searches used to result in something called the 7 Pack being displayed, now Google has changed that to display 3 local search results.

When the 7 Pack was in use, it was possible to rank your website above the pack. With the new Snack Pack that doesn’t seem to be the case, so businesses that do not have Google Places for Business verified listings are not going to appear in the new results.

Examples of How the Change Could Impact Your Website’s Local Ranking Results

You can see an example below where this Yell page used to appear above the 7 pack for “Car Body Shop Birmingham”, but now ranks below it. Now imagine if that Yell listing was your business website… you now don’t have that number 1 position on Google, and you don’t appear either in those new top 3 map listings.  Here’s the before and after photos to show you what we mean:

The Old 7 Pack

Before: It used to be possible to rank above the old map listings

After with the Google Map Listings

After: Now you rank under it, as you can see from the Yell example

How Expert SEO Ranks Locally in the New Google Results

Additionally using this website as an example, we are fortunate and skilled enough to appear number 1 on Google organically for “SEO Bournemouth” plus in the all-new Snack Pack. Before the changes were made, our organic search result appeared above the 7 pack… but with the advent of the Snack Pack we are now underneath.

For us this isn’t a huge issue because we also rank number 1 in the Snack Pack with our verified business address but for many businesses it means they are experiencing a large drop in website visitors and traffic due to the changes. You can see where we appear in the image below.

Google Local Business Map Results in the Snack Pack

We rank number 1 in the Snack Pack and can do the same for your business too.

Let Us Help Get Your Business Back on Track with Google Local Search

If you are not appearing in the first 3 results of the Google Snack Pack then we can help you to get in there. Ranking inside Google Places for Business and maps is a very different discipline to organic rankings, but thankfully as you can see from our own results shown in the image it’s something that we can do for our clients.

So if you run a business in Bournemouth, Southampton, or anywhere else in the UK and would like us to get your website ranked into the local search results for Google Places for Business maps (and Snack Pack) then get in touch with us and let us do it for you.

We can offer quick and immediate advice and a quote over the telephone to tell you what we can do and how long it could potentially take. Act now if you want those web and Internet leads turning back on with our expertise and advice.