Bad Behaviour from SEO Companies

The use of this image will become clear once you finish reading the entire blog post about bad behaviour in the SEO World.

A couple of weeks ago we published a blog post about a scary conversation with an SEO agency.  If that wasn’t frightening enough, we’ve just had another scary conversation about a bad SEO consultant, this time with one of new clients.

Just like something out of the deep dark past of the 1990’s Internet, this particular SEO agency has been charging our new client a monthly fee to submit their website to the search engines.  Have you ever heard the childhood story from Hans Christian Andersen about the Emperor’s New Clothes… well this tactic is kind of like that, especially if someone is charging you to do it.

That was the only SEO strategy that the consultant company was doing for our new client, and was charging them a large monthly fee to do so.  Needless to say their search engine rankings were not improving which is why they came to talk to us about our ethical SEO services.

To put the scenario in simple terms, once you are in the search engines, your website will remain in them (unless of course you suffer from a Google penalty or similar).  Using Google as an example, your company website will probably already be in it and will be indexed regularly, so won’t need to be submitted again.  Google “spiders” most websites very regularly to look for new and changed content. Bing and Yahoo do exactly the same.  Most websites I work with get new content indexed by Google inside a week… there’s absolutely no need to continually submit your website to search engines.  It makes no sense.

Even if you work with an SEO company who says that they are submitting your website to alternative search engines, what would they be?  When was the last time you heard of anyone using any search engine other than Google, Yahoo, or Bing?  Here is some up to date UK search engine market share data courtesy of The E Word Website.

Search Engine Market Share for 2013

The Share of the Search Engine Market in 2013 courtesy of The E Word

Occasionally I will hear of a new Russian or Eastern European search engine being released?  Would that help a UK-based customer. No.  So, given the data shown above on how the search engine market share is split between 3 main players, plus the fact that your website will probably already be in them, there’s no value in paying some to pay to submit your website to them each month.

This type of SEO tactic offers no value whatsoever and sounds like something out of the 1990s when websites did need to be submitted to the search engines and directories.  These days search engines have programs that traverse through every single link on the Internet looking for new content.  Your website is already in the search engines.  You don’t need to be submitted to them.  As soon as you create a new blog post or piece of content it’s highly likely that it would show up in Google within a week.

If you have been paying for services like this and are feeling a little bit ripped off, annoyed, or just plain angry, then perhaps this video from Jedward might cheer you up.  It’s about bad behaviour.  If that doesn’t work, give us a shout and we’ll tell you how a real, reputable SEO agency works and can help you to increase your online visibility and search results.