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Bournemouth SEO Costs and Pricing

Our Approach to Pricing

We don’t believe our customers can be bracketed into pre-defined pricing structures, or should pay for a level of SEO service in terms of Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Starter, Intermediate, Professional. We understand that more visits to your website doesn’t always mean a ton of money in your pocket. You might want a reputation management exercise, be looking to raise awareness of a charity project, or might just want more sales.

We also understand that all businesses are working on a different budget, and so a new customer, more leads, or additional sales can mean different revenues scales for different scenarios.

SEO Costs in Bournemouth and PooleScroll down the page to see how we can price an SEO project that’s bespoke for you.

SEO Costs in Bournemouth: Different Pricing Strategies

We don’t have a set of off the shelf prices for you to choose from like other SEO agencies in Bournemouth… instead we work with our customer to understand how much an SEO Strategy will be worth to them. We talk to our customers about what kind of return on investment they will get by appearing on the first page of Google, hitting a particular ranking spot, or by simply having more qualified traffic to their website.

Give us a call, talk to us about your business, what your budgets are, and let us advise you on the kind of returns you can expect should you decide to use our qualified and expert SEO Services. Once we have done that, we can then decide on how to proceed. Pricing scenarios can include the following:

Monthly On-Going Retainer

For a long-lasting SEO Strategy then a monthly on-going SEO retainer is always the preferred route. By working with the best SEO company in Bournemouth, you can be sure that each month your project will have our full attention.

We will continually improve and maintain your rankings and traffic, despite the changes that might be occurring with the competition and market… or depending on how the search engine algorithms are changing and evolving.

Performance-Related Pricing

If you don’t want to commit to a monthly on-going SEO arrangement, or are just starting out in business and don’t have a marketing budget for SEO, then we can investigate a performance-related package that you are comfortable with.

So for example, we can agree that you only pay us when we deliver on our SEO campaign and get you to where you want to be online; whether that’s in terms of visitors, or a pre-defined ranking spot against a certain keyword.

Commission-Based SEO

If making an online sale is important to you, then we can also explore the opportunity of us sending qualified leads and sales to your website. You can then pay us a commission on each lead, conversion, or sale online.

We have many clients in the service industries including the estate agency and personal injury legal niches that work with us on this basis, and it’s become a very lucrative way of working for them; especially where sales can be tracked.

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Bournemouth SEO Prices and Costs

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